Cheer your local hockey team this year!

It doesn't get any better than ice hockey when it comes to fast-paced family entertainment, and there's no better place to enjoy hockey in Park City than the Park City Arena. This large local facility features a full-size ice rink, and hosts leagues, clubs and public programs for interested local residents. For many years this facility has also hosted the local favorites: The Park City Pioneers!

The Pioneers is a team planned by friends and formed from the large pool of talent in the intermountain region. Membership has included former professional hockey players, along with college players and amateur players of unusual talent and drive. While some players journeyed from as far as Europe to join the Pioneers, it has always been a team with a strong local connection to the intermountain region: Your local team. While no longer active, the team carries on in the hearts of Park City ice hockey fans.

Show support for programs like these by supporting your local hockey team this year. Utah is filled with wonderful hockey teams, including many that are designed for children of all ages. Indoor facilities allow for programs that run all year round. No doubt, there is a hockey team in your area that needs your support, even if that just means some cheers.

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